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Mushroom Growing for an Amateur Gardener

Actually, I wonder whether the word gardener suits a person engaged in mushroom growing, since mushrooms are fungi, and so can hardly be said to grow in a garden. In fact, mushrooms grow in a very different environment from plants and gardens, requiring a complete, or almost complete absence of light, an absence of light that would quickly kill most plants.
However, if we use the word gardener in the sense of a person who cares for growing things, then I suppose the name fits. It’s very easy to care for mushrooms, primarily because they are basically a wild organism that has been harnessed by men for food. Another nice thing about mushrooms is that they are fungi, not plants, and this means that they can be a far greater source of protein than plants can ever provide. Another good reason for growing mushrooms if you’re a health conscious individual is the fact that if you grow the mushrooms yourself you can be sure that they were grown without all the excess additions of pesticide and fertilizers that are so common in most industrially grown foods these days.
When you try your hand at mushroom growing yourself you know that they are both organic and that they will benefit the health of your family. In this day and age when so much of our lives seem controlled by the mechanized and the artificial, home grown mushrooms can provide a wonderful source of health building protein for your family. Best of all, this wonderful food is easy, and indeed almost effortless to grow. There are starter kits available that make the whole process extremely simple without spoiling the organic aspect of things in any way. These starter kits are an excellent way to learn the basics of growing mushrooms, and I would certainly recommend them if you have never grown mushrooms before.
Mushroom kits are also a great idea for anyone who wants to grow mushrooms on a small scale without too much trouble. These kits come complete with everything you could possibly need to grow your own mushrooms, including the growing medium itself, and plenty of mushroom spores.
The procedure, if you have one of these kits, is easy and even elementary. All you need to do is to put the growth medium into a container, which is also sometimes provided. Even if the container is sometimes not provided, it should be easy enough for you to find a flat box that should do perfectly well. Once the mushrooms are planted in the box, they do require a certain amount of light watering, or rather spraying every day. This is all the care needed for most home mushroom growing.


Preparing The Growing Medium When Growing Mushrooms

Mushroom growing can be both lucrative and fun. It all depends on how well you can manage to grow them, and on the amount of space you have available. And of course it depends on the quantity you wish to grow. If you’re just getting started and would like to study the process, I would suggest that you buy one of the mushroom starter kits. These mushroom starter kits usually provide you with a container to grow the mushrooms in, a growth medium, and, of course with the mushroom spores or spawn. Generally speaking, growing mushrooms from such a kit is extremely easy.
All you have to do is place the growth medium inside the box and place the spawn in it. Then you just keep the box closed in a room in your house which is safe from draughts, and the mushrooms just grow. It’s really just that easy. You have to water the mushrooms, of course. This involves misting them with a water spray. You wait for the mushrooms to grow sufficiently, and then harvest them. After you harvest them, you keep misting the growth medium again until the next batch grows.
You can sometimes get a good many mushrooms from a single batch of growth medium and spawn, and they can provide some very nutritious and tasty meals for your family. So a mushroom growing kit is a great idea if you like mushrooms, or even if you want to learn the basics of growing them. But if you want to grow them on a larger scale, you’re going to need more space. Of course they don’t take up too much space, but you still need the bare minimum. I would suggest the garden shed as the best possible place to grow them, or a greenhouse should you have one available.

Bear in mind, though, that mushrooms will never stand the excess of light available in most greenhouses, and you’ll have to find a way of darkening the greenhouse, or at least of darkening a certain section of the greenhouse. If you can do that, you can have quite a few batches of mushrooms set up and growing right at once. You can either buy growing mixture and spawn, or you can make your own growing mixture and buy the spawn, just as you wish. Making your own growing mixture is likely to lower your operating costs if you’re at all thinking of commercial mushroom growing.

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The Secrets to Mushroom Growing

If you always liked mushrooms, mushroom growing is a great way to assure your family of a regular supply of this excellent food. Many people think that growing mushrooms takes some special kind of skill, or at least extremely specialized growing conditions. But this is absolutely not true. In reality, mushrooms are as easy to grow as anything else, and can be a good deal easier to grow than many kinds of food.
They often need less care and require growing conditions that potentially allow even a person in a city to grow them. Did you know, for example, that mushrooms can be grown in your own flat? I know of city residents who have grown mushrooms in a box in their homes. Of course, if you live in the countryside you have the option of growing mushrooms on a far larger scale, simply because you have so much more space available. But even if you live in the city, and have a garden shed, you could grow your mushrooms in it.
Now, all mushroom growing takes is some growth medium and some mushroom spores or spawn, as they are also called. Yes, that’s all that it takes to grow mushrooms. Now, while mushrooms may not take too much space, and may not require too much care, the ambiance you provide them with can be all important.
Mushrooms do not like light, so make sure you keep light away from them. If you’re growing them inside your house, you can grow them in a closed box that will keep the light out, and the temperature inside the box stable. If you are growing them in a shed or in your green house, you will need to ensure that there is a very minimum of light falling on them, and also that you exclude draughts. You will also need to maintain a stable temperature range, because mushrooms are very susceptible to changes in temperature. If you do not maintain a stable temperature range, and it varies beyond around fifty to sixty degrees on the Fahrenheit scale, your mushrooms are in trouble.

On the other hand that’s all that it really takes to grow mushrooms. You just need spawn and the growing medium. Place the spawn in the growing medium and place it in a dark, moist place. Water it regularly every day, and pretty soon your mushrooms will be ready for harvest. There really isn’t all that much to mushroom growing.


The Basics of Mushroom Growing

Many people don’t realize that mushroom growing is something that can be done right in their own greenhouse. And since mushrooms are such a wonderful food, this can be a superb addition to one’s diet. However, you may need to change things about in your greenhouse if you want to grow mushrooms, because the one thing these edible fungi cannot stand is too much light. Yes, they can tolerate a little light, but perhaps I should modify that statement and say that they can tolerate a VERY little light.
Better than even a little light is no light at all. They also like a stable temperature range, so make sure that stays within the range of between fifty and sixty degrees Fahrenheit – anything more than that will cause problems for your mushrooms. You need to be careful to keep out any draughts. The air needs to be moist, because that’s just how mushrooms like it. If you’ve looked at any mushrooms growing in the woods, you’ll have noticed that they don’t exactly grow in the soil. Similarly, when you grow them in your greenhouse, or even in a garden shed, you’re going to have to arrange (or buy) a special growing medium for them.
There are two ways of going about mushroom growing, and the method that you choose will depend upon just how many of these fungi you plan to grow. If you’re starting out on the very smallest scale, a log of wood should do just fine for a growing medium. Yes, that’s absolutely right, you can grow mushrooms on a log of wood. And why should that surprise you – haven’t you seen them growing around tree stumps in the woods? All you need is a good log of some reasonably hard type of wood – oak does just fine.

Take that log and make a few reasonable holes in it, and fill each of them with some mushroom spawn. Then let nature take its course. If, on the other hand, you intend to grow mushrooms on a larger scale, you’re going to need to bed them down in trays filled with a special mushroom growing medium. Well, I did tell you before that they won’t grow in soil. What you’re going to need is some compost mixed up with straw or a mixture of straw and horse manure. You can plant the mushroom spawn in this, and your mushrooms will grow just fine. If you need to grow more mushrooms, you’ll just have to set out more trays and set aside more space for your mushroom growing.